Crizal Anti-Reflective Coating


An uncoated lens can reflect as much as 20% of the light that passes through it.  The inner and outer surfaces of the lens on both the front and back of the lens will reflect light.  For the wearer of the lens, reflection from the back of the lens can interfere dramatically with vision.  At night for example, I can see the reflection of my eye in my lenses while driving if I wear an uncoated lens.  A coated lens on the other hand passes 99.9% of the light through the lens.  To the wearer of the lens, the lens becomes nearly invisible and free of annoying glare.  This visual benefit is the single most important factor that influences my love of AR Coatings.  If there were no other benefits, the coating would be worth it for that reason alone.  But there are SO many more benefits to wearing the right AR Coating. 

 Here are the benefits of the coating we use, Crizal’s Avance with Scotchguard:

Vision–Anti Glare Coatings make the lenses invisible to the wearer.

Cosmetics–To the observer, the wearer’s eyes become visible instead of being hidden behind a wall of glare.

Easy to keep clean–repels dust, smudges, oil, water, fingerprints better than any coating on the market.

Durable–Nearly as hard as glass to scratch.

Warranty–Crizal Avance with Scotchguard is the source of SouthWest Vision’s Exclusive LifeTime Lens Warranty.  It is a great investment that protects the precision optics you wear on your face.  All of our lens packages come with Crizal’s latest coating, automatically!

For those who tried yesterday’s inferior coatings that didn’t hold up well and were difficult to clean, or for those who have bought lesser quality coatings elsewhere and found them to be frustrating, come and try the coating that will be as nice in 5 years as it was the day you picked up your glasses.  We guarantee it!



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