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Computer Glasses

Improving Your Visual Acuity at the Computer

Whether you normally wear glasses or not, chances are that you've experienced some degree of eye fatigue, redness or irritation after working at your computer for long hours. Up to 70 percent of Americans struggle with the symptoms of a modern-day condition known as computer vision syndrome. Others simply can't see text or other fine details as well as they should when stationed at their computer monitors.  For many people (and possibly for you as well), computer glasses can provide a simple and effective solution for optimizing your visual acuity and minimizing your discomfort -- and here at Southwest Vision, we can prescribe and create the ideal computer glasses for your needs.

Close work of any kind, including computer work, requires good visual focus and eye coordination. Unfortunately, digital screens and monitors are not exactly eye friendly. The blue-tinted light they emit can cause eye strain, and the eyes themselves only blink about 25 percent as frequently as they should when staring at a screen.

The ability to view clear images at all fields of vision depends on accurate refraction. Your cornea must refract incoming light, and your lens must focus the image sent on to the retina, for you to see correctly without unnecessary strain. But perfect refraction simply isn't in the cards for many people whose corneas or eyeballs have a less than optimal shape. To make matters even more complicated, the lens itself grows stiffer with age, making it harder and harder for the tiny focusing muscles to do their job. This condition, called presbyopia, requires correction with bifocals, trifocal or progressive lenses. In many cases, however, the relatively small near-field and mid-field zones on these lenses aren't big enough to encompass the entire screen image, which only makes you strain yourself in different ways to see what you need to see.

Testing and Treatment for Visual Aberrations, Focus and Eye Coordination Problems

At SouthWest Vision we will check your eyes for refractive aberrations, focus issues and eye coordination problems before recommending computer glasses as an option. There are many different kinds of computer glasses worth considering. If your monitor takes up your entire viewing area, for instance, then you may want single-vision computer glasses made to correct only at the distance of your eyes to the monitor. This eliminates the need to keep craning your neck and turning your head to see through one small part of your glasses. You can also have bifocals made that give you more near-field and mid-field correction at the expense of distance correction. We can even make progressive lenses with the widest possible fields for both everyday vision and computer work. Adding a light yellow tint to the lenses is another useful option for boosting contrast while reducing screen glare.

Contact SouthWest Vision today to schedule a consultation. We can help make your busy digital lifestyle a healthier, more comfortable one!